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Florence Program Overview


The Wells College Florence Study Abroad Program offers a unique opportunity to study and live in Florence, Italy’s most important and dynamic cultural center.

Thousands of students, from more than 200 American colleges and universities, have participated in the Wells College Florence Program and have praised it for its efficient organization, and excellent personal, academic and logistical support.

They appreciate the close and personalized staff-student relationship, the rich and varied curriculum (more than 250 courses), and the professionalism and commitment of the faculty and staff.

Students also love the uniqueness of the one-week Orientation and Culture Immersion in Florence, and the cultural activities and excursions during the semester.

You will enroll at the Lorenzo de' Medici, The Italian International Institute, where all courses except Italian language and Italian literature courses are taught in English.

Find a list of Florence Courses here or Apply to the Wells College Study Abroad Program now.

You can contact Amy Torea, Wells College Florence Program Coordinator, at or call 315-364-3291 for more information.

“I much more aware of the differences between cultures now and I want to experience more. I feel like a much more independent and open minded person about the world.” —B.G., Wells College

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“The Wells College Florence Program is the most comprehensive and best organized program at Lorenzo de' Medici.” —A.C., The Johns Hopkins University