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Dakar Program Overview


The special attraction of the Wells College Program in Dakar, Senegal is its focus on interaction with the local population, not as folklore but in everyday life circumstances.

Wells College offers its students, visiting students from other American colleges and universities a unique opportunity to study in Dakar, Senegal, one of the most vibrant cities in western Africa; where modern amenities mix well with the cultural tradition of the Wolof, Peul and Sérère peoples.

It is designed not only for students who want to major in African studies, but for all students wishing to develop their interest in political science, literature, history or the arts while experiencing a very different culture.

It is also a program which allows students of African American studies to discover the roots of our African heritage.

Finally, as a developing nation, Senegal offers a wonderful opportunity to examine the influence of European and American culture on traditional societies. It also gives the students a chance to look at their own culture from a very different point of view.

You can Apply to the Wells College Study Abroad Program in Dakar here. Bon Voyage and Dem Leen ak Jamm!

You can contact Dr. André Siamundele, Wells College Dakar Study Program Director, at or call 315-364-3308 for more information.

“The Wells College program in Dakar was one of the most challenging experiences that I have endured, but I have grown from those challenges in ways I could have never imagined. My family, the people of WARC, and the culture of Senegal grew on me almost immediately. It is so difficult to leave Dakar at the end of the stay… it makes you realize how many great things can happen in just one semester.” —H.M., Wells College

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“If you are interested in Africa and African realities and development studies, this is a good program for you.” —E.W., Brown University