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At Wells College we prepare students to appreciate complexity and difference, to embrace new ways of knowing, to be creative, and to respond ethically to the interdependent worlds to which they belong. Study abroad programs play an integral role in this process. Whether you want to study in Dakar, or Florence, you can expect to learn about the world from a different perspective while integrating with a diverse community of students, scholars, and citizens.

Florence, Italy - Apply Today


The Wells College Florence Study Abroad Program is a unique opportunity to study and live in Florence, Italy’s most dynamic cultural center, where our rich and varied curriculum (over 250 courses), uniqueness of a one-week orientation and cultural immersion in Florence, have been experienced by thousands of students from over 200 American colleges and universities.

Dakar, Senegal - Apply Today


The Dakar Study Abroad Program with Wells College is a unique opportunity to study in one of the most vibrant cities in western Africa, where modern amenities mix well with the cultural tradition of the Wolof, Peul and Sérère peoples. The special attraction of the Dakar program is its focus on interaction with the local population in everyday life circumstances.

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“I love the program we have chosen; our experience would not have been the same on a different program or not on any program at all. I was able to fully enjoy myself personally, socially and academically, and never felt that I was missing out on any experience.” —A.K., Arizona State University